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Avoid Wasting Your Business Blog Through Outsourcing

Avoid Wasting Your Business Blog Through Outsourcing

If youve got both of your hands full just taking care of day to day operations

, other parts of your business might gradually fall into a state of disrepair. Take your business blog, for instance by the time you remember updating it, your business blog might be buried within its archived posts that you might as well start a new one with the number of readers who still remember you actually have a blog. If you dont have the time to update your business blog consistently, consider investing in outsourcing its operations.

Avoid Wasting Your Business Blog through Outsourcing

It would be such a shame if you let go of an Internet marketing strategy that made you enjoy so much success in the past. If it had worked before, it can definitely work for you again now and in the future even if its not directly in your hands. Your business blog can still achieve you marketing success by outsourcing its operationsunder your supervision of course.

Determine the size of your budget. Knowing how much you can afford will consequently let you know how many writers and web designers you can hire and the extent of their responsibilities.

When looking for a writer, always choose one who has had at least one years worth of experience in copywriting. Having interest, experience, or expertise in creative writing is a plus, definitely, because blogs allow writers to be more flexible with their styles. The writer you hire must also have working knowledge with Internet marketing and possess excellent grammar skills. Blog entries that have too many grammatical and spelling errors in them tend to become ludicrous rather than convincing. He must also have the ability or the willingness to learn to choose the right keywords or tags for each post he makes.

Make sure that you stress the ghostwriting part of his job. Your business blog might not be as effective as it should be when your readers learn that its not actually you whos behind the entries.

When looking for a web designer of your blog, always choose one who can update your blogs appearance maybe once a year so it can continue to be visually attractive. Of course, he must make sure that your blogs layout is designed with SEO in mind.

Be clear when stating how many times you wish a writer to update your blog in each day. Give him a list of topics that he can discuss in your blog and the various ways he can discuss them. Also, each entry he makes must gain your approval prior to being posted. This should ensure that he wont accidentally write something thats potentially offensive to your target market.

Personally educate him about your products so that he has in-depth knowledge of what youre selling. In so doing, hell be better able to connect each post with your companys products and market them more effectively. Be sure that you email him every time your company has new products, services, events, or promotions so that he can discuss all of them in your blog.

Regardless of whether its you or your writer whos going to perform this, its important that your business blog is listed in public and paid directories as well as included in websites like Technorati and Digg. This increases their exposure and improves their chances of attracting your target market.

Instruct your writers to reply diligently and promptly whenever a reader takes the time to comment on your business blog. Advise him to use trackback links often as well.

If you can include this in your writers job description, you could arrange opportunities for him to become a guest writer in your behalf at other blogs and benefit from link exchange. You can also ask him to pen you a press release once in a while and which you can release to press release distributors and promote your business blog more effectively.

Lastly, constantly evaluate your blogs performance so that you know if the writers youve hired are doing their job correctly. Track their performance and see if their Internet ranking is increasing or decreasing. You might have outsourced your business blog, but that doesnt mean you should wash it off your hands completely. Supervise for better success!

by: Elijah Chai
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Avoid Wasting Your Business Blog Through Outsourcing