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Apps Are Not Always Hostile For Retailers

Smartphone gadgets like the iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry have now become the best pals of customers

. When customers pay visit to a departmental store they use apps to compare prices or see the product presentation, but eventually prefer to buy products online which they have seen in the store.

Some say that the stores have transformed more into showrooms for consumers, causing a major problem for retailers, while the mobile applications

market for shopping is booming on the other hand. Latest trends in mobile applications are seeing the enhancement in online shopping experience, but the unique feature of this trend is that it is trying to bring back the user towards stores. Since it was technology which took away the target customers so it had to be technology to bring them back, and it did. Enhancing the retail shopping experience and merging it with online interface, the latest apps have totally revolutionised the shopping experience.

They way these apps draw customers to stores is very simple if implemented through a proper plan and medium. It allows consumers to earn rewards, discounts and deals on entering a store. Gamification of shopping is also a new but very effective feature which is changing the complete scenario of retail shopping.

Rewarding Interactions With The Product In Stores

This innovation is through location based mobile shopping applications making it more effective, unlike those based on recording. When customer enters the store he is being identified, the app then allocates kicks, awards for visitors who have entered the store or interacted with a product. Scanning the barcode of a product or trying a dress are examples of product interaction.

By partnering with banks, the apps also reward consumers who pay for their purchases by credit card. The "kicks" harvested can be converted into Facebook credits, gift cards or special discounts in partner shops. The applications not only encourage the in-store shopping and interaction with the products, it also aims to increase customer loyalty to a brand or a store.

Converting Visits To Traders In Real Purchasing

So far this innovative technology has been creating successful impact. With over in 150 shopping centers and 2000 stores across the U.K. now opting for this innovative app to enhance their business, there are some 3 million active users recorded, 1 billion tender viewed, 5 million admissions and 10 million items scanned. With such an impressive turnout one can easily predict that this is the revival of retail shopping, and retailers must opt for this as a success move for their business.

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