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Android Increase 886 Percent Sharply, The Global Cell Phones Reviews In Q2 Quarter

Market research firm Canalys has released its second-quarter worldwide smartphone development in the last few days

. From the whole report, Nokia still holds a leading position in smart phones, but the gap with competitors is increasingly reduced. While the Android platform increase 886 percent sharply in the second quarter.

Nokia smart phone market share in Q2 was 38%, smartphone sales are 23.8 million, up 41%.

Nokia smart phone continues to occupy the first place in the market of second quarter, the market share is 38%, and cell phone sales are 23.8 million, an increase of 41%. The reason why remarkable increase in cell phone sales is that Nokia introduced a range of smart phones in the low-end market, such as the 5230 with symbian smart platform. But from the development speed of entire smartphone market, Nokia has not had the unrivaled advantage as before.

RIM Q2 market share is 18%, Apple was 13%, Android growth of 886%.

Smart phones grew 64% on a global scale of the second quarter, among of them; RIM BlackBerry smart phones grew 41%, and are in the second place with 18% market share, while continuing to maintain its leading status in the smart phone market of North America and Latin America. Thanks to the robust shipment of iPhone 4 which have been launched just, the Apple increased 61% in the second quarter; the market share is 13%. However, while Nokia, RIM, and Apple's smart phone sales both have a certain increase, but do not have obvious changes as Android smartphone. With the HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG's support, Android smart phones achieved 886% growth in the second quarter.

Canalys vice president and chief analyst Chris Jones said, through this set of data, Android platform showing an impressive momentum. We can see that the biggest operator Verizon Wireless is spreading Android smart equipment vigorously in United States, such as Motorola Droid and HTC Droid Incredible; these products are well accepted by market, the user is eager to download applications and services such as social networking, games and GPS.

U.S. Q2 shipments accounted for 23% of the world, reaching 14.7 million units. Android occupy 34% of U.S. smartphone market

Compared with the same period last year of U.S. smartphone market, U.S. Q2 cell phones increase 41%. the United States is the world's largest smart phone market, its second-quarter shipments accounted for 23% of the world, reaching 14.7 million units. The Android smart phones have occupied 34% of U.S. smartphone market; after achieving 851 percent growth, Android becomes the largest smart phone platform.

Q2 shipments of the Chinese market ( China cell phone ) accounted for 11% of the global cell phones total, reaching 690 million units, of which 475,000 units are Android smartphone

development of Android intelligence platform in the Asia Pacific region is also optimism, a senior analyst point out: Android Smart equipment put up good traction in Chinese mainland and South Korea, more and more consumers are looking forward to more high-end smartphones. China has become the world's second largest smartphone market for six consecutive quarters, Q2 shipments is 6.9 million, accounting for 11% of the global total. In this 6.9 million cell phones, Android devices reached 475,000 units, while a year ago Android equipment has been little in China barely.

Meanwhile, it needs to be noted that China Mobile is committed to the development of free operating system-OMS. OMS is based on Android platform. In the second quarter; China Mobile OPhone cell phones were sold 174,000 units. Senior analyst also said that Nokia Symbian smart phones still dominate the Chinese market, but other cell phone manufacturers made good progress in the Android platform, especially Motorola, Samsung and Dopod, Lenovo, Huawei and other China cell phone makers let Android Platform gained 7% in Q2 China smart phone market share. Analysts believe that China is a huge potential market; Android will continue to grow rapidly next year.

2013, smart phones will account for 27% of global shipments, in Western Europe will exceed 60%, in North America will reach 48%.

The rapid development of Smartphones in the global context reflects the successful of equipment manufacturers and operators form. More and more consumers want the cell phones have good applications and services. Under the needs of the user, the smart phone will achieve broader development in the future. Canalys senior analyst Pete Cunningham said that by 2013, smart phones will account for 27% of global shipments; the ratio in some developed countries of Western Europe will be more than 60% market share, in North America will reach 48%.

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