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An Introduction To Business English

An Introduction To Business English

Specifically related to international trade, business English is still a very important

part of today's world, although arguably many more English people should also speak foreign languages!

Business English can be seen as a specialist area in English language learning and teaching. The idea behind Business English is it enables people from many corners of the globe to begin doing business with English speaking countries, they may have the products and services that would be wanted by these countries however if can't communicate can't get very far.

It is thought that many of the English conversations that take place around the world in business circles are spoken by non native speakers as very often, among with languages such as French and Spanish is a widely spoken global language.

Business English's aim is fast, efficient and effective communication; the tight rules of grammar are often ignored because as long as a good level of communication can be attained then the finer details are not important.

Business English can be studied at college and university and can mean different things to different people; Either communication skills used in the place of work, for example; report writing, correspondence, socialising, small talk, meetings, negotiations and presentations. It can also be seen to refer to topics and vocabulary used in the business world, international relations, finance, trade and business.

Business English can be taught both to those who have English as their first language and those who have English as there 2nd language and can be seen as a form of international English.

This short article has only just begun to look at the interesting subject of Business English and has only scratched the surface of the available information. There are many more interesting resources to be explored in book shops, libraries and on the internet.

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An Introduction To Business English