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Acrylic Signs: Where 1' makes the difference between corporate and just run of the mill

Acrylic Signs: Where 1' makes the difference between corporate and just run of the mill

If you take a moment and look at a measuring tape

, you'll notice that in the big scheme of things an inch really shouldn't matter. Right?

Well, in some cases an inch can mean everything! What if your 6' 4", but need to be 6' 5" to land your position on an NBA basketball team? What if you are 1" too tall for your favorite pair of slacks for an interview? What if that new desk you just bought is 1" too wide to fit through your front door?

On those days 1" can change your life.

What does 1" have to do with acrylic signs?

Acrylic signs have become the new trend more and more in businesses all across the country. If you look around you'll see them in lobbies, on doors, in restrooms and hallways. Everything from directional signs to room numbers to policy signs, the list goes on and on.

They are the new look to everyday signs.

Acrylic signs can be made and mounted numerous ways. You can choose from 1/8", 3/16" or 1/2" for the thickness of your signs. You can choose various colors ranging from clear and white to pitch black. You can purchase saw cut, polished and even beveled edge finishing.

Acrylic plastic signs can be engraved or sandblasted. They can have graphics reverse cut and applied to the back if their clear or frosted. They can have vinyl lettering, full color graphics, contour cut graphics, etc. applied to the front on any color.

Where does the 1" come in, you ask?

Your new custom made, sharp, nice looking acrylic sign is like a cake. A cake tastes good, looks okay! Once you put icing on that cake, it tastes even better and can look spectacular if decorated right. To decorate your acrylic signs right, to add the icing to the spectacular cake you created...

Add hardware and I am not talking screws from your desk drawer or the nuts and bolts some guy at the hardware said would do the trick. I'm talking specialty made sign hardware, also known as Stand-offs.

Why do you need Stand-offs for your acrylic signs?

Ok, if you're like most business owners you are asking yourself why? Why should I spend the extra cash that is probably not in the budget in this economy? Why spend almost double just to add hardware to my order. Screws have always worked for our other signs.

Acrylic signs are not just any old run of the mill signs. They are meant to make a statement. To stand out and say no matter what size business we are, we are corporate.

By using corporate stand-off hardware you add a 3-D look to your signage by raising it that 1" from the wall, but you also give them that finishing touch. An acrylic sign flush mounted to the wall with screws just does not accomplish the same look. You might as well have gone with aluminum or PVC.

That 1" raise from the wall adds depth, dimension, and importance...a more corporate look. It draws attention to something that might have just been passed by.

Once you see the final product on your wall you'll appreciate the difference.

How much are Stand-offs going to add to the bottom line for your acrylic signs?

Yes, it is true that Stand-off hardware is not cheap, they are not nickel and dime hardware. Most sign companies charge $15-18 plus per piece. So on average if you are doing larger signs that need one in each corner you are going to spend about $60 extra per sign.


As they say "If it is cheap, it's most likely going to look cheap". Same is true when it comes to the acrylic sign you hand picked, designed and invested in. Acrylic signs are not cheap, as in any custom sign they are an investment. So why invest in your sign, but not invest in the finishing touch, not in the icing to show it off.

Improper hardware will portray a different image that you paid for. Cutting costs on your hardware will cost you more in the long run that the initial investment you make. Without the icing, a cake is just a cake! Without that extra inch to add dimension and class, without the proper Stand-off hardware to complete your acrylic sign is just a sign.

Where can you get your corporate look for your new acrylic signs?

Most sign shops offer Stand-off hardware and should suggest it with the purchase of any acrylic sign. They come in various colors, sizes and finishes depending on the size of your signs and your needs. If not, Ask! Do not let today be the day that 1" could have changed your life. Let today be the day that 1" did change the look of your signs. Give your acrylic signage the corporate look you are going for.

Acrylic Signs: Where 1' makes the difference between corporate and just run of the mill

By: Kara Klein
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Acrylic Signs: Where 1' makes the difference between corporate and just run of the mill