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A Survivor’s Strategy to Thriving in a Tough Market

Author: charrissa

The sky is falling and Western Civilization is about to end. TV news reports and newspaper articles almost universally tell the same Chicken Little tale: real estate is dead and only an escapee from an insane asylum would dare invest in real estate in the next two years or so. I couldnt agree more. If youre a novice investor and youve identified real estate as a possible investment opportunity AND you dive in without a proven system, a solid mentor and guidance that can help guide you through the minefield that is todays real estate market AND you overpay for a property, the news reports are accurate. At the same time, if youre a smart investor youd never dream of investing in any commodity without knowing ahead of time that you could turn a tidy profit at some future point in time. To do otherwise would be akin to diving headlong out of a perfectly good airplane with an equally good parachute still on the seat. If you do your homework, the next two years or so could be the foundation for what could very easily become a multimillion dollar investing portfolio. However, the balls in your court. Theres no doubt that a declining real estate market presents some very specific challenges and unique opportunities. How you approach investing will determine whether you look back on this period with sad-eyed regret or starry-eyed wonder. Make no mistake about it. Im in no way insinuating that real estate investing in the next two years will be completely hassle free. However, If you follow a system and use sound investing strategies and do your homework you can still purchase property for as little as fifty cents on the dollar. Even after factoring in repairs, you should be able to build instant equity and have a property that will provide you with a positive monthly cash flow. If you closely police your costs and make certain that you only buy property that can produce an ongoing residual monthly income it really doesnt matter if the market continues to fall even if it falls to the extent that it temporarily sucks all of the equity out of your property. Read that last sentence again. It really doesnt matter because real estate will rebound at some point and its not likely to take all of your equity, if youre in the right markets. The more property you control when the market comes out of its freefall the greater your potential for runaway profits. As the market goes through this challenging period youll see opportunities present themselves that a rising market doesnt have. When the market is rising and interest rates are low the demand for quality rentals tends to fall because more people are interested in buying houses of their own. A constricted, declining market tends to put pressure on the rental real estate market which means opportunities abound for increased rental rates which means that positive cash flow can grow even more! By using common investing sense youll wake up one glorious day and realize that the market has warmed and prices will once again begin heading north. Then the positive cash flow that you will have enjoyed to that point will seem inconsequential compared to the quick strides the value of your portfolio will be making at that point in time! So hang in there, use your head, and snap up all the property you can get your hands on. It will be worth it in the long run. The payoff isnt that far in the future. To make it happen you have to Take Action! If youre not clear about how to proceed, point your web browser towards so you can gain the investing strategies and advice that will help facilitate the realization of your dreams. Thousands of investors all across the US have already done so and now your future is calling. Will you answer the phone or let it continue to ring? About the Author:

Charrissa Cawley has a long standing reputation for excellence as a gifted speaker, real estate trainer and wealth coach. Her strength lies in training entrepreneurs in the areas of real estate, investing and financial literacy. Her passion is bridging the gap between learning and doing. She has helped thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world seeking financial growth by equipping them with the tools, resources and specialized knowledge to succeed. Charrissa offers accurate and proven strategies to investors of all different levels and is the founder of, one of the fastest growing real estate investment training organizations in the US in addition to , the top rated Real Estate Investor Community on the web today.
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A Survivor’s Strategy to Thriving in a Tough Market