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Floor Restoration For Businesses- How To Save Money Across The Board

Floor Restoration For Businesses- How To Save Money Across The Board

Business owners are sometimes appalled to see a large

, expensive series of surface problems in their flooring. Some businesses use huge amounts of floor space, and that space gets trampled under and crushed by customers, deliveries, office fittings, and other natural parts of usage. The result is a lunar landscape of problems, potentially big ones. It is an avoidable situation, and floor restoration is the answer to all these problems.

Business and commercial flooring- The issues, explained

Business space flooring involves big money in terms of cleaning, maintenance and replacement. These outlays can run into thousands of dollars. That's a real issue, because flooring obviously takes a battering every day, and the wear and tear isn't going to stop.

Within about two years of installation, any commercial flooring, even the best, will need some care. Cleaners can't deal with the long term damage and wear issues. They're not equipped to do full maintenance, and can only do basic shampoos and steam cleaning, not the heavy duty work involved in real floor cleaning maintenance.

Assessing the risks

It's worth taking some time to get an idea of any risks or likely problems in the making. These are pretty easy to spot:

Cracks, chips and stains in hard surfaces: Cracks and chips may mean real damage. This damage can be progressive, and require major work, if it's allowed to continue. Stains on hard surfaces which haven't been removed by normal cleaning mean chemical penetration of the surface, which may need professional removal.

Carpet stains, frays, obvious areas of difference in the carpeting: These are common damage, but the areas which are discolored or different to other carpeting are either getting very heavy usage or have been affected by some form of damage. Carpet which is deteriorating starts to look different, with irregular areas being affected.

Prevention is much cheaper than cure

Although many carpets are very tough and genuinely hard-wearing, particularly the new heavy duty carpets, and stone floors are very reliable surfaces, they have to take literally tons of pressure, per day. To do this properly, the entire surface has to be properly treated, and any defects fixed before they become problems.

This is where floor restoration really pays for itself, many times over. Floor restoration is a structural process, reestablishing the surfaces, sealing, and and removing potential damage sources. Floor restoration also includes reinstating floor treatments, like re-vitrification of hard stone surfaces, which is essential both for appearance and surface integrity.

Problem solved and future problems prevented

The very high value of the floor restoration process can be measured in terms of replacement value, repair, and maintenance costs. For commercial spaces, this can be a very expensive, and for a the price of a phone call, you can save yourself that sort of money.

Regular floor restoration is the simplest, quickest, and kindest approach to the property budget. Professional floor restoration firms can give you a figure to work with, and a floor restoration job that really looks as good as new.

by: Phil Dermody
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