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Build Your Online Business By Building Relationships

Build Your Online Business By Building Relationships

When we start an online business we are so eager to immediately begin making money

we become blind to the fact that our success is built on the strength, determination and will of the people who join our business.

It doesn't matter what company we chose to bring us the wealth and lifestyle we deserve.

It doesn't matter if we believe that their products and services work and would be enjoyed by others.

It doesn't matter how much training we have received from our mentors and coaching staff.

And it definitely doesn't matter how serious we are about making money.

If you don't cater to the needs of your customers and clients then your business will go nowhere fast.

McDonald's is a good example of customer-to-business owner relationship because the first thing the cashier has been trained to say is, "Welcome to McDonald's. How may I help you today?"

However, selling a business opportunity to someone else is a little more complex than asking someone what they want to eat.

Almost everyone knows the acronym FORM and for those who don't, we'll cover it now.

F is for FAMILY.

Ask the person if they're married? For how long? Do they have any children? What are their ages? What schools do they attend? Do they play an active part in their children's lives?


What does the person do for a living? What made them interested in choosing that field? How long have they had that position? Do they still enjoy it?


What does the person enjoy doing in their free time? Do they have any hobbies? Is there a particular place they like to vacation or do they wish to travel more?

M is for MEANING.

What is their reason to starting an online business NOW? This subject you'll really have to dig and use your intuition. Everyone's MEANING is different. People look to start a business to pay off increasing bills or cost of living, to spend more time with the family and friends, to travel more and take more lavish vacations or start a charity to give back to their church and community.

If someone's MEANING is MONEY then ask them how much MONEY are they looking to make? What would that amount of MONEY do for them? How would it change their life?

DON'T read these questions to your client as though you are a robot reading a checklist. They will see you as a threat, like a Terminator, become defensive and possibly stop talking to you.

People react to outside stimulus one of two ways: They move towards pleasure or away from pain.

Try to relate to them as you are asking questions. Treat the conversation as you were speaking with a friend you haven't seen since high school. If there is one thing people enjoy doing it is talking about themselves because they like hearing the sound of their voice and giving their opinion.

Remember to stay in control of the conversation. When you lose control of the conversation then you are no longer the LEADER, you are now just a LISTENER.

You want to be efficient by getting the answers you want quickly but without being pushy. Once you know how strong their interest is in starting an online business repeat back to them all the REASONS they gave you for VALIDATION:

"Joe/Jane, if I'm hearing you correctly, you want to start an online business because you want to earn $XXXX a month so you can pay off your bills, take more vacations with your family and start a homeless shelter in your hometown. Does that sound right?"

This affirms their devotion to achieving their goals in their own words.

A business relationship, just like any other relationship, is something that takes times to develop. It's very possible that the person you speak with won't want to join your business during your first conversation, but if you have an excellent autoresponder set up and stay in contact with that person once a month then over time they will see you as a business professional who is determined, persistent and willing to help them meet their needs.

As my mentor says, "A relationship built on a business, is better than a business built on a relationship."

Scott Gustafson

E-Business Expert

Build Your Online Business By Building Relationships

By: Scott Gustafson
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Build Your Online Business By Building Relationships