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A Home Business Is Now Vital For Most Americans

A Home Business Is Now Vital For Most Americans

With over 17,000,000 Americans out of work, 56% of white-collar workers unemployed

or underemployed and 20% of retirees over the age of 65 now going back into the job market, it's time to take a serious look at starting your own home business.

There are many different opportunities for those who would love to join the ranks of the home business entrepreneur. It will take a mind-shift from what most of us have been programmed to do over the years. The American model for over a century has been that of "worker." Go to college, get a good job and stay there until you retire and get that gold watch was the norm from the 1800's through the sixties.

Once we moved into the eighties and the era of the "Yuppies," it was "take a job until you found one that paid more and gave you more perks." The habit of moving from job to job every few years soon became the norm.

The eighties brought an era of absolute excess. Everyone wanted more of everything. Bigger houses, more cars, boats and all the toys we could purchase and store in our ever expanding garages. The house with the one car garage was inhabited by the have-nots in the "lower-class neighborhoods," was unfortunately the mind-set of the white-collar professional.

As the nineties and the year 2000 came we were still in the mode of more, more, more and even more "stuff." How much "stuff" did we really need? An era of huge homes that had more furniture, televisions, computers and everything else that in earlier times would have been enough for five families or more became common place.

With each family member having their own television, Mom and Dad both working and all the after-school activities, families have been moving farther and farther apart. Family togetherness took a back seat to making sure you never got bored!

Now we're in 2010 and 49,000,000, or 1 in 6 families are going hungry. Millions of homes have been foreclosed and more families are homeless than at any other time in a country once so great other countries used to wish they were Americans. Naturally we're still far and above most other countries in resources and our lifestyles, but things are getting dicey for many of us financially on a personal and National level.

Credit card companies have jacked up rates and added fees even to those with the best credit before the new law that prohibits those practices took effect in February of 2010. Nice of Congress to give them over a year to "stick it to us" before it was too late to stop them from reaping all they could from our bank accounts.

No matter what the government comes up with in the last or next Bailout, it's not going to create the 27,000,000 jobs we need. No way. Not now, not in many years!

So what should the average or even the formerly upper middle-class American do to create more income and build a strong financial fortress that will protect the future of themselves and their families? A home business is the ONLY answer. It's time to take off your "job" hat and put on your "entrepreneur" hat. Get out of that work for someone else and build their fortunes and dreams and start thinking of your dreams and potential fortune!

There are more potential home business opportunities than you can imagine. You may find it possible to work the same business from home you once did for someone else...without a boss. Imagine no one telling you when to come to work, when to take a lunch break, when to go home and never having to work overtime for nothing.

If you're an accountant or bookkeeper, a customer service representative or a salesperson, you could find a way to do the same business from the comfort of your home. If you're an Executive you could become a consultant and hire yourself out to different companies for a fee, either hourly or per project.

One possibility is to become a "virtual assistant." With telephones, computers and faxes you can do anything from home for companies instead of sitting in a tiny cubicle inside a huge building somewhere. Many companies have down-sized and looking for people who will work from home. This saves the company money and helps the person who can't find permanent employment.

Another possibility is the Network Marketing Industry. Even Donald Trump, Warren Buffett and Robert Kyosaki are actively involved in this business platform. You can learn about this business from a very good book by Dr. Charles King titled, The New Professionals; The Rise of Network Marketing as the Next Major Profession. Dr. King teaches a course on this subject at the University of Chicago. Harvard and many other higher learning institutions offer a similar course.

Do your research plus due diligence and consider this as a career before you dismiss it simply because someone once told you that Network Marketing is a "Pyramid." Those who believe that are uninformed and have no understanding of the laws that protect the public. Every company doing business today has a legal team that makes sure they adhere to the rules and regulations of each state and remain in compliance at all times.

The most important thing to consider whether you are just now considering a home business or have already begun is how to market your opportunity and find the right prospects. Many people use autoresponder systems that require purchasing hundreds or thousands of dollars in Leads (or lists) of people who are supposed to be interested in a home business. Many of them are 100% garbage leads harvested off the Internet.

A much better and simpler method is finding a good Training course and Trainer/Mentor who is an expert in Social Networking and has a system for you that walks you from A to Z through the process of how to find, identify, qualify and finally sponsor the perfect person for your business, first time, every time.

There are many out there who claim to be "Experts" but do your homework and find one who has been in the industry for many years and has thousands of happy students who will give great testimonials. Also find one who offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you sincerely use the system on a regular basis and don't have success. Don't waste one more moment contemplating. There is NO time left.

Mark Yarnell, a titan in the home business industry says we have about 12 years before there will only be two classes of people in the U.S, the rich and the poor. Personally, I'd rather be in the former not the latter. Good luck and make sure you find a great marketing system that won't break the bank!

by: Max Steingart
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A Home Business Is Now Vital For Most Americans