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6 Ways To Beat The Competition With Your Online Home Business

6 Ways To Beat The Competition With Your Online Home Business

The competition for paying customers is fierce on the web these days and being a

new home business owner online makes it that much tougher to attract business and beat your competition. After you've establish your business on the Internet, decided on which product to promote and compiled your Internet marketing strategy you should then make yourself aware of your competition and discover which strategies they're using to attract customers.

After having completed your research, in this regard, you should then choose which areas you can improve in order to best compete with your more well established home business rivals. For example do you offer an advantage over your opponents with regard to price, product, or maybe promotion or positioning. Here are six proven and well established techniques you may be able to employ to help you defeat your competitors.

1. You may be able to lower your price point below that of any of your opponents. If this is possible you can then construct an entire Internet marketing plan around this advantage. Advertising the fact that you offer the lowest price online for your product will help attract all of the bargain seekers on the web. This will also help establish you as a force to be reckoned with in your particular niche or market. You can even create your niche based on the cost advantage offered by your product to online consumers.

2. Maybe you can position yourself as a customer service oriented home enterprise. You can accomplish this by establishing a 24 hour customer support hotline, by creating a live chat with customer support representatives or by offering a life time warranty for your merchandise. If your product fails to perform or produce the desired results for any reason throughout its life time then your customers will receive a new version free of charge.

3. Offer free shipping and delivery to anywhere in North America. Once again this will deliver many of the deal seekers to your home page which of course will increase traffic and help produce more sales. You can also incorporate this feature into your advertising and promotional materials to give you a competitive edge over your rivals.

4. Offer a free trial of your goods with no strings attached. Give your potential customers the opportunity to try out your offer for a 30 day period to insure that it produces the desired results and solves their problem. At the end of this trial they must then decide whether or not to purchase.

5. Offer a bonus to first time buyers. For example, if someone decides to buy your product give them a freebie, such as an add on complimentary good or a piece of completely unrelated merchandise, for becoming a paying customer. People love free offers and this is a great tactic to employ as an incentive for website visitors to buy.

6. If your offer is a high priced good or service provide a monthly payment plan to ease the pain of having to pay a lump sum. You can also offer to pay any related taxes or have a no interest payment strategy implemented for your customers.

These are some of the tried and true techniques for new online home business owners to use to help establish themselves as a competitive force on the web. Because of the intense competition for the sales dollar on the Internet today everyone needs an edge or some advantage to help keep them a step ahead of their business rivals.

by: Bob Withers
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6 Ways To Beat The Competition With Your Online Home Business