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3 Ways to Protect Your Business with a Remote Entry Chime

3 Ways to Protect Your Business with a Remote Entry Chime

The amount of people who enter stores and businesses every day make it very difficult to keep track of where they are in the store

. During peak hours it is possible for people to hide themselves amongst the crowd in order to cause havoc or steal from you. If you are wondering how you can protect your business from shoplifters, loiterers, and vagrants then you should investigate the possibility of getting a wireless entrance alert system. These relatively cheap devices can increase your employees awareness of the environment and provide you with a way to keep track of the comings and goings of your customers.

Unlike door bells and intercoms, a alert systems are not designed to enhance communication between the person using them and the owner. They are designed to inform you when someone is accessing a particular area, whether that be the main entrance, a back room, or a section of the store that holds particularly valuable merchandise. There are many ways to use these devices to protect your business, but three of them stand out as the easiest and most effective:

The first way to use wireless alert systems is to provide you with a way to know when people are entering your location. This can be achieved by setting up a chime in a back room, or by the counter, in order to allow your employees to continue working when people are not around, while alerting them to the presence of customers. This will increase productivity and customer service at the same time.

One the other hand, using a remote entry chime to keep track of people entering and exiting areas you want to increase security on allows you to cut down on the number of employees needed to monitor an area, because the chime will inform them every time they need to make a visual check of the area. It is a cost-effective way of cutting down on overhead, while retaining a high amount of security on an area. The best examples of this being used effectively occur in superstores, where they are used to monitor people in electronics departments. The companies do this because these products are expensive while also being relatively small and easy to pocket, which makes them a prime target for shoplifters. Thus, the alert system allows them to keep track of the area without having to have an employee stand at every aisle.

Another way to protect an area, especially a main entrance or restricted area, is to connect a wireless entrance alert system to a camera or video recorder. By doing this you can record who enters and exits the area in order to follow up on prosecuting trespassers or shoplifters. This method is the most expensive of the three, but it is also the most effective. It guarantees that you will have proof of wrong doing, and allows you to cut down on the number of employees you need monitoring entrance because you can centralize your security. It has the added benefit of keeping your employees from messing around, because they will know that you can monitor their behavior.

If you use any one of these methods you will be able to increase your security dramatically, however, combining all three of these methods will protect your business from even the most determined shoplifters and miscreants.

3 Ways to Protect Your Business with a Remote Entry Chime

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3 Ways to Protect Your Business with a Remote Entry Chime