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Why Should You Hire An Insurance Marketing Expert?

Why Should You Hire An Insurance Marketing Expert?

The insurance industry has become a huge revenue generating machine

, with many companies, agents and brokers competing for a piece of the pie. Therefore, it is very important to have a strong, stable and adaptable Insurance marketing plan to help position ones company and product so that they stand out from the competition. The online marketing campaign requires a well thought of mix of product, promotion, price, placement, etc. It is critical for a company to identify its target market correctly and then tailor their marketing and advertising plans to reach out to that target segment.

Each specific insurance product, such as life, health, dental, etc. should have their own customized and well tailored internet marketing plan so as to gain the attention of that specific target audience. The products in the insurance market are not only highly competitive, they are designed to meet specific needs of the target audience. Therefore, careful analysis must be made to ensure that companies reach their specific target groups hence increasing their hot lead sources. For this to be achieved, it is critical to enlist the help of a reputable and established Insurance marketing gency who is an expert in both the insurance industry and has unparalleled marketing expertise.

Insurance companies with an online presence need to consider the advantages of hiring an agency that has their specific industry experience vs. a generic marketing that crosses into all types of market segments. The benefits are limitless and paramount to an insurance companys competitive position on the Internet. Consider this: would you hire a podiatrist to perform brain surgery? Specialty knowledge may not be a life saver in terms of your personal health and well being, however, it is critical to your businesss survival and success! Companies need a marketing company who can help best position them in the online arena. That can be achieved by having both insurance industry expertise and online marketing expertise.

On the other hand, there are those who still question the validity of hiring a marketing company to help with online marketing and positioning. All you have to do is Google your specific product name and your region, i.e. health insurance San Jose (not your company name since that wont show where you truly rank on search engines). You need to see where your actual company, product or services shows up on search engines compared to your competition. So where does your company fall on the Google, Yahoo or Bing? If youre not on the first or second page, then youve simply allowed your competition to have feast on all possible leads. And if you think you can get to the top of search engines by purchasing some marketing in a box plan, youre simply throwing money away. What you need is an industry expert to help your business realize its true potential and to be as competitive as you can.

But before doing any of that, consider how much youre currently spending on marketing, advertising (like yellow pages, industry magazines, local papers, etc.) or even buying cold leads, etc. Have you ever analyzed your Return on Investment (ROI)? What are you getting in return for each dollar spent? In fact, which of the above methods have actually yielded sales in the last year or two? If you ask around, most agents will tell you that the traditional advertising and lead buying systems no longer work. So then ask yourself, what % of that budget could you part with in order to pave a whole new path for insurance shoppers to come directly to you? Once you have an idea of how much youre spending, what youre getting from it in return, and what youre willing to spend on new innovative marketing strategies, then youre ready to potentially change the way you compete and survive in the insurance industry! And once youre ready, youll need to consider Adovio as your experienced marketing partner. Adovio not only possesses insurance industry acumen, it is an online marketing expert, helping insurance companies drive precise deliberate traffic to their websites ; whereby generating a whole new slew of hot leads. Adovios unique Adaptive Marketing framework helps its clients maximize their online marketing efforts and keep them competitive in this highly competitive arena. Partnering with Adovio would help insurance companies extract higher returns from their marketing dollars and help them gain a much larger market share. Adovio has the experience and ability to use a variety of marketing tools to launch your insurance products effectively in the online world. To find out how Adovio can help your realize your dreams and build your businesses, visit them at

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Why Should You Hire An Insurance Marketing Expert?