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Want to really help your Obese Child?

Want to really help your Obese Child?

Author: James Goodridge

The young population of today does not seem to be bothered with the idea of maintaining good health. This is probably the reason why they prefer sitting next to the TV for long hours and putting on weight in the meanwhile. With less physical activity in today's times than ever, more and more children are getting closer to obesity. If you have noticed obesity in your children, do not neglect it even for a while. This is because a weight gain today can lead to obesity tomorrow. In order to keep him healthy and fit, assign some of the physical responsibilities of the household such as mowing the lawn to them or even encourage them to get engaged in some stretching exercises. In short, give them some task that can help them increase cardiovascular activities for a minimum of 35-45 minutes per day. Allow them to watch TV but for a limited duration. Never feed them while they are next to television. Ask them to make a move for having food. Encourage them to play safe sports. If they do not have a playing partner, you need to take the initiative. Take them to walking, swimming, or jogging with you. You can even ask them to take the pet out for a walk. Take your family to destinations where some kind of physical activity is involved, it should not be just a sit-and-watch show. In short, make sure to encourage and not discourage. Your child will love you for that and he will soon be in a good shape.About the Author:

James Goodridge has been in the health industry for more than three decades. He had a bent for bodybuilding in the college days and went on to win state-level bodybuilding championships for three consecutive years. For more of his articles, visit guest:  register | login | search     IP( Piemonte / Pombia Processed in 0.016808 second(s), 6 queries , Gzip enabled debug code: 4 , 1829, 956,
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