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Top 5 Tips For Starting A Home Based Business - Even During A "global Financial Crisis

During difficult economic times there are great opportunities around for home-based business

. Why? Research shows that businesses that begin during lean times are more likely to succeed in the long term for a few reasons:

- There's less clutter in the market place, meaning your message is more likely to be heard

- You've started in lean times so you need to learn business basics from the outset. You're more likely to be on top of your figures, budgets and business plans, and work out quickly what works and what doesn't.

- You're more likely to be creative and cost effective in your business practices.

- You've kept up with the changing way of doing business. A downturn always means a transformation for the way in which business is done. When good times return you'll be up with the latest in technology and business practices.

- All this knowledge puts you ahead of the game when the boom times return.

So, what are my top 5 tips to get started during these so-called "difficult times"?

1. Do something you enjoy. Find something you're passionate about and it will no longer be "work". And because it's something you love, you'll automatically feel successful and satisfied on every level.

2. Find a niche market. The more focussed your customer group, the easier they are to sell to.

3. Find someone who's already been successful in your field and model yourself on them. You don't need to reinvent the wheel. Do some research on who's successful, sign up for their newsletters, check out their web site, marketing collateral and product offers - and follow their steps to success.

4. Manage yourself, not your time. Determine your specific and quantifiable business goals, and then allocate time each day to working on achieving them. Diarise time to do this, just as you would a dentist appointment - then stick to it! Don't get caught up being too busy working "in" the business to work "on" the business.

5. Create the best mindset for success. Don't think like the general public. Most people are caught up in the doom and gloom of a potential recession. Behave as if you're already successful, mix with successful people, be inspired and motivated. Your environment shapes your success.

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