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Salient Features of Tata Motors Insurance

Salient Features of Tata Motors Insurance

Increased propensity of vehicular crimes and burglary has pushed motor companies into adopting anti burglary devices in the vehicles. Internal vehicular safety and communication systems are the basic features which most of the motor companies are using extensively in designing their vehicles. However, the possibility of auto thefts can still not be ruled out completely. Tata Motors insurance schemes offer comprehensive insurance against burglary and losses thereof.

Losses due to car thefts have reached alarming proportions. Experts have pegged losses due to such crimes to several million dollars. As a proactive step in preventing and deterring thieves from committing auto crimes, several nodal agencies have been established. One prominent agency is the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Several suggestions have come from all quarters on the steps which can be followed in preventing auto crimes. Use of several hi tech gadgetry like GPS tracking devices and wireless technology has been promulgated. However, it cannot be forgotten that automobile owners themselves are the first line of defense in adopting steps to prevent theft. It includes basic measures like locking the car doors and parking cars in well lit areas. Some more basic measures include remembering not to leave the keys inside the car. Basic car security features like car alarms and steering wheel locks complete the security profile for a car.

Use of GPS tracking devices has been a landmark in the prevention and tracking down of auto crime. The system seeks to generate a signal beacon which can be tracked by satellite by enforcement agencies. The key benefit which such systems offers is that it significantly reduces the time for law enforcers to track down the vehicle.

Tata Cars Plan

Several automobile manufacturers have taken initiatives in making their car secure from thieves. At the same time, there has been a lot of innovation from car owners in developing ingenious ways in protecting their cars from theft. This includes plans for several Indian breed cars, especially those from Tata Motors.

Among international car manufacturers, General Motors has been a forerunner in deployment of state of the art security systems for its discerning customers. Their OnStar system is used by nearly three million subscribers and law enforcement agencies in tracking and solving nearly five hundred automobile related crimes in a month. Several million cars from the General Motors stable are being fixed with these systems to ensure that there is an effective deterrent against thieves.

The use of the OnStar system is simple. Once a theft is reported, the same is flashed across to the OnStar system facility to help in tracing the whereabouts. The system tracks down the unique GPS sequence of the car and pinpoint the broad coordinates of the stolen vehicle to the law enforcement agencies. This information is then used by the agencies to track down the vehicle and if possible, to nab the perpetrators.

Use of technological solutions has changed the way of perceiving and fighting against organized automobile crime. Insurance schemes like that of Tata motors insurance have also kept pace with the increased frequency of crime in providing a comprehensive anti-burglary policy to its clients. guest:  register | login | search     IP( / Processed in 0.017414 second(s), 5 queries , Gzip enabled debug code: 22 , 3444, 975,
Salient Features of Tata Motors Insurance