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More Top Tips For Starting A Home Based Business - Even During A "global Financial Crisis"

In the last issue we looked at why starting a home-based business during a economic down turn is a good idea, despite what we hear in the media

. There's less clutter in the market place, you'll learn more about the basics of business management, you'll be more creative, and you'll keep up with the changing way of doing business.

Here are 5 more tips to get you moving towards running a successful home-based business.

1. Get the basics of business set- up, right from the start - it may sound boring, but it's important to understand your tax requirements, insurance, licences and registrations before you start out. Knowing this information could prevent mistakes that prove costly to rectify later. You can learn about this in the Free Articles section of Home Biz Chicks.

2. Get organised - find a way of obtaining the help you need. There are creative ways to outsource household and mundane work chores, freeing you up to develop and grow your business. If you can't afford day care for your children, find a teenage home helper who can play with the kids for a few hours at your house. Use a work experience student from a local university and get them involved in mail outs, data entry - all the stuff a junior in a business would do. It'll give them a great insight into their chosen field of study. If you can't afford to outsource to a professional service provider, find a way to trade services. For example, I could outsource book keeping in exchange for writing a media release and promoting the book keeping service.

3. To find customers develop affiliate and joint venture relationships. This doesn't mean major deals involving lawyers! It can be as simple as sharing databases with other businesses in the same food chain. For example, if you run a home-based beauty service, you could offer a special deal to the clients of someone who runs a home-based hair dressing service. Cross-promoting each other doubles your client base!

4. Implement some low cost public relations strategies. Generating free publicity isn't that difficult. Develop a 12 month schedule of media release topics, write the release (see our template or outsource it), send it out and build relationships with the media. There's a whole section on Home Biz Chicks about this very topic - check it out!

5. Know your customers. Know exactly what they want, what they're looking for, what problems they have, and what you can do to solve them. Start by researching your target market - find forums where your target market exists and then hang out with them, find out what they're talking about, become part of the conversation. You'll learn a lot about their issues.

Another good process to get you thinking about your market is to make a list of the top 100 problems your target market has - what exactly are the issues they face every day and what can you do to help them?

You can also paint a mind picture of your ideal client - their age, sex, marital and work status, issues they have with their business or personal lives etc etc. Personalise them in your mind - give them a name and think of them every time you're about to make a business decision - what would they think of the idea?

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