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Mass Email Marketing Campaign by:Khurram Zaveri

Mass Email Marketing Campaign by:Khurram Zaveri

You have to launch mass email marketing campaigns carefully because they can lead you in trouble

. You can be a victim of spam therefore you should know the difference between spam and bulk emailing. Spam is an email which is sent to a large number of people without their permission. There are strict laws against spam in most of the countries moreover people do complaint about such emails to the authorities. So it is better not to take chance because everything is possible in this age. Here are some useful tips to launch a safe mass email marketing campaign.

1. You should send emails to your email contacts when they request for information. You can complete this process by designing a check box on your website or advertisement banner and ask the visitor to check it to receive detailed email about your products and services.

2. The content of your email message should be concise and to the point because most of the people don't like to read long email messages. Your concise email would not take enough time and space of your readers' mail box.

3. You should not send email messages with attachments because they take up more space. Moreover people don't like to open emails with attachments due to security risks.

4. Always send mass email marketing messages in html format because they provide more flexibility in creating visually appealing email.

5. You should provide working links in your emails because broken links will have bad impact on your reader.

6. You should try to personalize your email message for each email contact by addressing the recipient.

7. You should email to your focused group of people for better response because it can vary from group to group.

8. You should try to email your own and your friends' contact lists in the targeted area. If you buy email contact lists from third parties then most of the email addresses might be out of your targeted area. It is also possible that your email would be termed as spam.

9. Give attractive and meaningful subject line to your email message to inspire your reader to open the message.

Mass email marketing is a cost effective way of marketing your business. It depends on your strategies that how will you use it because if you use it in positive way then it will bring good results. It is a tool like a knife and its use is in the hands of the marketers. You can be on the safe list by adopting above tips and guidelines.

About the author

Khurram Zaveri is a well-known Internet Marketing expert who runs Spryka Inc, a specialized email marketing firm that produces and markets quality email marketing software.

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