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Do's & Don'ts in Mass Email Campaigns by:Khurram Zaveri

Do's & Don'ts in Mass Email Campaigns by:Khurram Zaveri

It is necessary to know dos and don'ts of mass email marketing campaigns to avoid social and legal complexities

. The effectiveness of your email message totally depends on your approach in handling bulk email marketing campaign. You have to be careful because there are right and wrong ways in writing, sending and following email messages. If there is an email address in your email contact list then it does not mean that that person or company is interested in your service or product. It would be a wrong notion to think that whatever you send to your email contacts they will accept.

In this busy life people don't have enough time to read mass emails from unknown individuals or companies. So if you send an email message to a person whom you don't know your emails are taken as spam. They don't classify it on the base of rules and regulation therefore it is necessary to know some important things that you should include and exclude to run your bulk email marketing campaign effectively. Below are some points you should know to create your emails without falling in the category of spam.


1. Don't send emails without unsubscribe links because they are necessary for the removal their addresses from your contact list.

2. Don't send mass emails without from address because there must be an email address on which people can reply to your message. Such emails violate set rules and regulations so avoid it.

3. Don't send unsolicited emails to people or visitors of your websites.

4. You should not use your regular ISP to send bulk email marketing messages because it can take your messages as spam.


1. Add unsubscribe link in your email message at the bottom. People who unsubscribe will not receive promotional emails from your company in future.

2. You should not hide your particular information such as from email address because it is the violation of bulk email rules and regulations.

3. You should send useful and informative content in your emails inspite of sending emails full with marketing content.

4. You should use services of a bulk email company because they are created for this purpose but your regular ISP can take your email messages as spam.

5. You should have a legal method to collect email addresses of your customers to send promotional emails for quick and positive response.

You can create your legitimate email by following these dos and don'ts. In this way you can narrow down your list of email contacts. In the process of marketing it is natural that people want to send mass emails to everyone but you need to take extra care in bulk email marketing.

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