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Diseases And Conditions Gum Diseases Types

Our human body is known as perfect body among species

. For perfect human body, there are many important elements required like, bones, joints, skin and other important organs. Our body is also like machine which is required to have maintenance time to time.

Like other body part, teeth are also required to be maintained. If we would not care about, this would be lost after some time. One of basic diseases for teeth is GUM disease. Gum diseases are serious infections that can lead to teeth-lost. Periodontal diseases can affect one tooth to many also. Based on effect, time duration and care periodontal diseases.

Periodontitis: Periodontitis is advance than gingivitis. Gum makes spaces creating pocket inside, these pocket become more deepen and increased gum time to time. Based on time and their condition, periodontitis are categorized.

Necrotizing Periodontal Disease: This disease is categorized by necrosis tissues, alveolar bone and periodontal ligament. These lesions are commonly observed with condition like HIV, immunosupression.

Chronic Periodontitis: This is most frequently form of periodontitis and categorized by pocket formation. Progress of attachment are not fast, but it could be fast.

Aggressive Periodontitis: This is occurred with common features like rapid dental loss, familial aggregation and bone destruction.

Gingivitis: this is mildest form of periodontal diseases. At this stage, comfortness would be reduced. Because of gingivitis disease, gums become red, bleed easily and swollen also. This is reverse with professional care and caused by inadequate oral hygiene.

Based on gum diseases problem, there would be treatment to control them.

Medications, like chlorhexidine gluconate are better to kill bacteria in your mouth. Based on condition, surgeon may also require stopping, halting, or minimizing progression of disease. Gum disease can be controlled by scaling done by dentist for removal of plague. Gum disease can be preventing also so that any type of situation may not come for any one.

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