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Growth Factors and Cognate Receptors for Mesothelioma

One interesting study is called, "Characterization of Platelet-derived Growth Factor and Platelet-derived Growth Factor Receptor Expression in Asbestos-induced Rat Mesothelioma" - Cancer Res January 15, 1992 52; 301 by Cheryl Walker, Edilberto Bermudez, Wendy Stewart, James Bonner, Christopher J. Molloy, and Jeffrey Everitt.  Here is an excerpt: "Abstract - Although altered expression of platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) is a...more

Asbestos and Pleural Calcification and Functional Defects

One interesting study is called, "Physiological changes in asbestos pleural disease" by Lumley KP - Inhaled Part. 1975 Sep;4 Pt 2:781-8.  Here is an excerpt: "Abstract - This paper reports the findings of a study of lung function at rest and during progressive sub-maximal exercise in a group of men with varying degrees of asbestos-related pleural abnormality. The results show that pulmonary fibrosis is accompanied by more adverse...more

Ingrown Toenail Surgical Treatment and Infected Toenail Treatment

For a lot of people today, ingrown toenail surgery treatment is the advised alternative, with residence treatment options fantastic for easing the signs and symptoms and discomfort, but hardly ever valuable as an extended term cure option. Ingrown toenails frequently kind resulting from an abnormality inside anatomy in the toe and nail, a condition which is commonly inherited. The anatomy in the toe and also the nailbed helps make ingrown toenails all but a certainty for some individuals, with quick name therapies easing the issue but not often correcting the condition for extended.In this sort of cases, surgery is required to clear away the offending portion of the nail to avoid it from developing into the skin. A sliver of your nail is deleted, operating in the tip on the base. This immediately eases the pressure around the epidermis, and can stop ache and swelling. However in order to make sure that the issue does not return, element in the nailbed by itself is destroyed. The destruction is normally attained by chemical suggests, with phenol certainly one of the most common agents used. Using the nailbed partially destroyed, the ingrown toenail is unlikely to...more

Mesothelioma Diesease and Asbestos Induced Scarring

One interesting study is called, "Radiological abnormalities and asbestos exposure among custodians of the New York City Board of Education" by Levin, S.M. ; Selikoff, I.J. - Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences; (United States); Journal Volume: 643.  Here is an excerpt: "Six hundred sixty custodians employed by the New York...more

Asbestos Exposed Workers and Circumscribed pleural Plaques

One study is called, "Asbestos-induced pleural fibrosis and impaired lung function" by Schwartz D. A. ; Fuortes L. J. ; Galvin J. R. ; Burmeister L. F. ; Schmidt L. E. ; Leistikow B. N. ; Lamarte F. P. ; Merchant J. A. - The American review of respiratory disease  1990, vol. 141 (1), no2, pp. 321-326 – Here is an excerpt: "Abstract...more

How To Get Ready For IVF Treatment

If you are wondering how to get ready for IVF treatment, there are a number of positive steps you can take which can both prepare you for the experience itself and ensure that your body is in the best possible condition to improve the chances of success.Sometimes, improving your body to the absolute peak of health can be a lengthy process and can take several months, particularly if this includes weight loss. Therefore it is never too early to begin preparation. Conversely, there is still a great deal you can do even if your treatment is imminent. Both prospective parents should remember that nutrition and lifestyle changes apply to both parties and may improve sperm health in the lead up to IVF as well as getting the female cycle in balance.Generally, your diet before IVF (and at all times really) should consist largely of wholesome fresh organic food. You should avoid foods which have been processed and those which contain additives. It is really important to avoid exposing an embryo to toxic chemicals, such as pesticides, chemicals, antibiotics, hormones and any fumes so along with changing your diet, you might wish to consider a gentle detox. You should also bear...more

How To Prepare For IVF Treatment

If you are wondering how to prepare for IVF treatment, there are a number of preparatory steps you can take before the procedure begins. Like most things in life, good preparation can make the difference between success and failure. Of...more

Acupuncture For IVF Treatment - The Potential Benefits

The decision to undergo in vitro fertilization is never an easy one. Not only do you have to consider the financial cost, but the emotional cost can be just as high. Once you have made the decision to go ahead, you will want to know...more

What To Eat During IVF Treatment

If you are wondering what to eat during IVF treatment, then you are possibly already aware of the significance of what you eat on your fertility. Although there are many factors which influence the success or failure of an IVF cycle,...more

Preparing For IVF Treatment

When you know it's "all systems go" and you have a provisional date in mind, you may be thinking about preparing for IVF treatment and what you can do to give yourself the best possible chance of success. For most women, the whole...more

Breakthrough Treatment Saves Boxer's Shot at Career, Solves Jaw, Teeth Problems Painlessly

SAN ANTONIO, TX – John Gomez* is a boxer, a tough guy. But his toughest opponent – his own jaw structure – had him on the ropes, until he met San Antonio cosmetic dentist Dr. John Moore, DDS.The boxer's lower jaw jutted out...more

Why is a Liquid Better Than a Cream for Premature Ejaculation Treatment?

When you are struggling with premature ejaculation, you want a method that will be effective and easy to use.  Although many men with premature ejaculation turn to popular creams, there is some benefit in looking at other forms of...more

Prostate cancer deaths could be cut with blood test at 60

Prostate cancer deaths could be cut with blood test at 60Single test could pinpoint those men most likely to develop and die from diseaseA single blood test for men aged 60 could identify those most likely to develop and die from...more

Lakeway Spa - Top Treatments

Many people are currently living with extremely fast paced and hectic schedules. Because of this, relaxation is something necessary to promote health naturally. After a spa treatment, people find that they return fresh and relaxed and...more
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