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Inflatable Boats Colors

When first-generation life rafts were produced during WW II, they were yellows as manufacturers thought that the yellow was the easiest color to spot in rescue missions. For decades, yellow was the color of choice for serious inflatable boats whether they are life rafts or not. However, research shows that orange is an even more effective that most life rafts today have orange canopies.When neoprene and Hypalon were came out as a...more

Buying New Inflatable Boats

It is not unusual to buy second-hand boats. Some prefer second-hand boats as they are cheaper. However, buying   a new inflatable boat is easier than buying a used boat. For one thing you don't have to worry if the boat is in good condition.  The boat should be in good condition as it is brand new. If there are defects you can easily return it under warranty.  The only foreseeable problem is that the boat is manufactured by...more

Buying Used Inflatable Boats

There are plenty of online stores that sell inflatable boats nowadays. You have a wide array of choices that sometimes choosing the best one for you is quite a task. In some cases, it is better to source for a used inflatable boat.How do you choose a used boat?  Here is a checklist of the things that you need to inspect when buying a used boat: overall appearance; fabric condition; tube seams; hard-bottom-to-tube seams; bottom seams; transom-to-tube seams; outboard bracket; bottom abrasion inside and outside; valve condition and operation; valve-to-tube seams; oarlocks; floorboards; transom; steering cables; oars and paddles; pump; owner's manual and repair kit.The list is extensive as it's the same checklist for a new inflatable boat. Make sure that the boat is inflated without the engine, floorboard and other things.  Check the fabric of the boat. It is alright for a Hypalon to have a chalky fabric but not on a PVC boat.  Check that the boat is not coated with petroleum jelly or oil to make it look good. PVC boat is especially vulnerable to silicone-based protectant such as Armourall.It is not easy to tell from its looks if a boat is made of PVC or...more

Boat Building Plans: Top 5 Tips To Consider

If you are looking for a set of boat building plans there are a few important things to consider before purchasing.Designers ExperienceThere's a lot of detail and information involved in designing a boat. Make sure the boat plans you purchase have been designed by an experienced designer.  Do some research online to find out...more

Inflatable Pontoon Boats Your Trout Fishing Secret Weapon

When it comes to trout fishing in small lakes, rivers and streams you can't beat the versatility of inflatable pontoon boats. When you compare them to wading pontoon boats allow you to cover a lot larger area in order to find where the fish are hiding.Pontoon boats are lightweight and easy to transport, but provide greater stability and are...more

Enjoy Paris In A Boat

Paris is possibly the only city in the world which has been called by great many names. Everybody has a different way of describing the city. Some refer to it as the fashion capital of Europe; some call it the most romantic city of the world. But universally agreed Paris, is known to be city of the old and the new. A city where history and modernism exist together. On one side it is modern and contemporary fashion vista and on the other stands the monuments and the historical buildings.Everybody around the world wishes to see Paris at some point or the other. For some it becomes a reality and for some it remains a dream for the rest of their lives. One of the best ways to get a feel and see Paris is by boats. The (bateau paris) are the best ways to tour Paris - in style and comfort and with the promise to see the old and the new.The best time to go on a Paris boat ride around the city is in summer and till before the winter. But that becomes and is considered more of a personal choice. In summer the weather is just appropriate for the boat tours. It helps with the warm air as the cool breeze from the Seine River helps you to cool you and enjoy the sights and sounds. It is a...more

The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race – It's Fun History

I thought it would be of interest to write this article about the history of the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race as It's one of the most famous boat races in the world and is one of England's greatest sporting Icon...more

Choosing The Best Antifoulant Paint For Your Boat

Antifoulant Paints - How They WorkAntifouling paint keeps marine growth such as barnacles, mussels and sometimes oysters, and plant growth from attaching to your sailboat, trawler or motor yacht. Most antifouling paints use the dispersion of metals...more

Moving Vehicles- Boat And Motorcycle Shipping Made Easier

When you think of shipping vehicles, you probably think of cars. We've all seen the big transport trailers loaded up with cars, but what about boat transportation or motorcycle shipping? These are a couple of things that people frequently need...more

Adding a Unique Touch to Your Boat Building Designs

Now, if you have read any of my other articles on boat building designs, you will have seen that I rate high quality boat plans at the top of the list for the amateur boat builder. However, today you'll be shocked to see me going...more

Repo Auctions: Cheap Boats For Sale

Repo auctions are great places to find cheap boats for sale. It is a matter of luck to find a good quality boat in repo auctions. But it is possible only if you know the right places to look. The newspapers are full of auction dates and are very good...more

Find Repossessed Boats For Auction Near You

What are repossessed boats? These boats are the ones that are often bank seized and liquidated by lenders and are auctioned at really low prices! If you are thinking that these repo boats might be old, ill-maintained ones, then no, these auction...more
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