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The Uses of Inflatable Boats: as a Tender

Inflatable dinghies were used as a fast means of transportation that can easily be inflated, deflated and stored in a jiffy. It was purchased for with the intent of being used only in dire cases when a better mode of transport is not available. Many large boat and yacht owners purchased these inflatable dinghies solely for occasional use.Renting a mooring place in marina costs money.  Think of it as parking your car in a parking...more

The Uses of Inflatable Boats: Backpacking

The great outdoors is a challenge for the more exploratory and adventurous individuals.  The appeal of the whitewater rafting or trekking though miles and miles of lush vegetation or rocky mountain paths calls out to them.There is a trend to camp, trek or backpack.  The 1960s saw the rise of "backpack" travelers who went hopping from one continent to another to experience its people and culture. Backpack is now considered an...more

The Uses of Inflatable Boats: Fishing

One of the simple pleasures of life is fishing.  A lot of pun and fun have been made regarding a man and his passion for fishing and it goes without saying that fishing enthusiasts take their fishing, gear, bait and boat quite passionately.In general, a regular inflatable boat, not the play boat though, offers enough stability to forget about tipping and sinking that you actually forget that you are on a boat and concentrate instead on fishing. Using a hard shell dinghy, rowboat or canoe is not that easy as you need to take care not to step on the gunwale stepping into the boat. You also need to be careful which spot of the row boat or canoe you cast for that will determine if you will tip over or not. In the event that you do catch something in spite of all the worrying you do so as not to tip over, be careful how you reel in your catch for you would not want to end up with the fish in the water.An inflatable boat offers a comfortable seat. You can step, cast, jump on the gunwale and the inflatable will not flip or trip.  An inflatable boat will work well for all types of fishing. You can use one for fishing at the backwater or beaver pond near your favorite...more

The Uses of Inflatable Boats: Motorboating

In a nutshell motorboating is just cruising around with your boat. The boat, of course, is a form of inflatable boat which is an easier mode of water transport for such activity.  Pick a nice sunny day for your motorboating.  Pack some sandwiches and beer, throw your inflatable boat in the car and go somewhere nice where you can...more

The Uses of Inflatable Boats: River Rafting

Whitewater rafting is a growing water sport activity in areas where wild rivers still abound. The United States have the Rio Grande, Grand Canyon, Glacier National Park and more.  In the international scene there are the classic rivers known for whitewater rafting like the Mighty Zambezi; High Water Turkey; Sun Kosi River; Rio...more

The Uses of Inflatable Boats: Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Scuba diving was once water sports of the elite. Few men and women had the courage and resources to learn how to scuba dive.  It was considered a very dangerous sports back then for so little facts but myths were told about the dangers of underwater life. The underwater world was a new frontier then.Today, scuba diving and snorkeling are probably two of the safest water sports today.  The sports are enjoyed the world over. In line with this, the realm of the scuba diving and snorkeling are not limited to men and the young for the sports has been taken up by women and children of different ages.There are now new technologies and equipment to make scuba diving safer and more fun.  New designs in air tanks, scuba suits, fins and masks made the sport less hazardous and easily accessible.  In recent years, more waterfront areas and beaches have been closed to the public. Scuba diving has become a banned activity in some beaches.  No problem though as points of interest for divers and snorkelers are not found in shallow waters.  Great underwater scenes and life are farther out in the sea and thanks to inflatable boats, anyone can "afford" to go offshore to dive and...more

The Uses of Inflatable Boats: Surviving

If only the Titanic had its ample share of life boats or life rafts, the sea tragedy could have had more survivors.  Buying a life raft is a necessity that must be complied and happy are the small aircrafts pilots and crew of small...more

The Uses of Inflatable Boats: Waterskiing

Waterskiing is a very enjoyable sport. It is a water sport where a person is pulled behind a boat while he skims the surface of a lake or coastal waters.  A water skier uses two water skis and starts in deep water as the skier needs to...more

Inflatable Boats Materials: Natural Rubber and Cotton Fabric

The first generation inflatable boats were manufactured from fabric that are "proofed" or made airtight by the application of thin layers of vulcanized rubber.  The fabric used back then was commonly cotton but silk was also an option...more

Inflatable Boats Materials: Neoprene and Hypalon

Natural rubber has its flaws as material for inflatable boats.  To make a more sea worthy inflatable the military developed neoprene during WWII as a more viable replacement for natural rubber boats. Neoprene is a form on synthetic...more

Inflatable Boats Materials: Polyvinyl Chloride

PVC is a form of plastic that is used in more than ways than one. It is used as water conduits, electrical wire covering, kitchen flooring and more. In recent year s the use of PVC as material for inflatable boats became popular. To...more

Inflatable Boats Materials: Fabrics

Neoprene, PVC and Hypalon are coatings for inflatable boats for them to be air tight and waterproofed. These chemicals have nothing to do in strengthening the inflatable boat itself. What makes the boat strong is its base fabric to...more
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