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A Step By Step Guide In Removing Skunk Odor From Dogs

A Step By Step Guide In Removing Skunk Odor From Dogs

Dogs are man's best friends, unfortunately they aren't friends with skunks

and skunks usually feels threatened by a dog and would spray that stinky skunk smell into the dogs when they feel the need to. And then we see our dogs running into our homes feeling so irritated with that stinky skunk smell.

As a pet owner, you should always be prepared with this scenarios most especially if you lived into the countryside where skunks are very common. You need to know what to do when your dogs are sprayed by skunks, if not, you might end smelling like skunk spray as well and so does the rest of your house.

If you have no idea how t deal with dogs which are sprayed by skunks, take time to read this step by step guide in eliminating that stinky skunk odor from your dogs.

First and foremost, you should not bring your dog inside your house because he'll only end up wiping the skunk spray all over the place. You have to let him stay outside and try to tie him while you are preparing your odor removal solution or odor removal product which you already have at home. Wear a hand gloves and change into your working clothes or some old clothes before you do the odor eliminating process.

The second step is to check the area where your dog was sprayed. If your dog has been sprayed into his eyes, you might want to cal his vet immediately and know exactly how to deal with it. If it's only some parts of his body, then you can now focus on that area and start the cleaning process.

And the last but not the least is to apply your homemade solution or commercial odor removal product into your pet. If you just made your own shampoo solution, then use it as a shampoo alternative and focus o n the affected area. If you opt to use odor removal product, then make sure that you follow the instructions.

These three easy steps are very basic yet very important information for anyone who has to deal with skunk odor removal problems.

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