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5 Wallet-Bulking Ways To Build Your List Fast by:Michael Cheney

5 Wallet-Bulking Ways To Build Your List Fast by:Michael Cheney

When Internet marketers say that "the money is on the list"

, they were not kidding.

There is money in the list.

How do you think they got this far in their business? They built up their list and put all their efforts on them. Before they know it, their business is well known and the clients are pouring in.

You are reading this because you have your own list but are not really getting the most out of it. If this is the case, then do not stop reading. This just might be the life saver you have been waiting for.

There are five ways you can do to build your list fast.

1. Opt In Boxes.

Opt in boxes should be placed smacked up front where visitors can easily see them. The top of your page is always the best strategic location for opt in boxes.

These boxes are your offers. When visitors like what they read, they have more chances of clicking that box. People like freebies. You can offer free videos, audios or reports. This has always been the most effective means to get people's attention.

2. Cool giveaways.

As was mentioned above, people are always looking out for stuff they can get for free. Take advantage of this and start creating ebooks or reports that you can give out as promotional materials.

The effort you put in creating these materials will not be wasted as your business will get the exposure it needs. There are lots of resources of online that you can use. Just be creative enough to keep people informed about your niche and interested at the same time.

3. Passing It On.

Remind your readers that they are free to pass you on to other people. Even if they do not have a need for your product or service at the moment, they might know someone who does.

"Thank you for reading the report. Feel free to pass the information on".. is an example of what you can place on the bottom of your report. This is like a call to action. More often than not, your visitors will take up on this call.

4. Email Swap.

Cross promotion of products that are complimentary to yours really works. This is like a partnership. Look for other businesses in the same niche as you. Promote their product and they will also promote you.

There are autoresponder tools that you can use to make this promotion easier for you and your partners. As long as you remain valuable to your target market, then you can always find two or more business that would be willing to promote what you have.

5. Blogs And Articles.

These are one of the oldest marketing technique to make your presence known in this business. If you do not know it yet, people are getting everything and anything using the internet. You only have to make your business visible enough for them to read about you.

This can be done through blogs and articles. Just choose the best subject, write valuable contents, pick the right keywords and start distribution. The benefits? Exposure, credibility and a growing customer list.

Are you already counting the money you will earn from your lists? You should. All it takes is five steps and you will be the owner of a bulkier list and an even bulkier wallet.

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About the author

Michael Cheney is a British Internet Marketer who lives in Aberden, United Kingdom. He has been providing coaching products to other internet marketers and has appeared on the CNBC business channel and BBC radio doing interviews for several business talk shows.
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