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"Is My Boyfriend Cheating on Me?" Hot List Alert Indicator

Author: Jeff Gadley

The question of is my boyfriend cheating on me is a tough thought to have to deal with. No matter how it is dished up and served it's hard to swallow. Experts on the subject say that for it to be considered as cheating the alleged cheater must engage in physical contact to some degree with another person. There is another school of opinion on the subject matter that says that cheating is anything that your other half would consider as being deceptive, deceitful or unacceptable behavior if they were on the receiving end of those actions. Right from the start allow me to say, just because you think that your boyfriend is cheating on you, this does not give you a license to go out and do the same thing to him. NO PAYBACKS! Since you are at that place to where the question of is my boyfriend cheating on me has to me addressed, I think that you also need to start considering what are your plans in the event he truly is. Experts who study human behavior tell us that in general the cheater normally unknowingly displays outward signs in behavior that should provide some clues. Let's call this your "Is My Boyfriend Cheating on Me" Hot List Here are 5 big behavioral changes that could answer that question of is my cheating boyfriend on me? 1.> Less Time Spent Together: Often this is rather sudden new behavior and the time reduction with you becomes incredibly obvious and for no real reason. Oh you may hear him say it's this or it's that, but is seems so shallow in truth. 2.> Surge in Arguments: Typically you can expect him to be more confrontational arguing with you and putting you down and grinding your weaknesses into your face. What is up with that? It is a defensive combative way for him to pick a fight and attempt in his mind to justify his cheating behavior. 3.> Affection Stripped Away: Non-sexual physical contact is becoming less each week, with clear reduction in hugging, kissing, hand-holding and cuddling. 4.> Super Sensitive Dude: you ask him any kind of question related to location and/or what time, he gets freaky on you. Claiming that he feels like he is being smothered and he hardly has anytime for himself. 5.> Cell Phone & Computer: With both of these devices behaviors have change drastically. You may notice that he gets to the phone super quick and tries to cover the number in it like he is not trying to cover it up. On the computer he new passcodes and deletes browsing history and e-mails. So far, in your opinion based on the above list and his action what would you your answer be to the question of "is my boyfriend cheating on me?" Now let's keep in mind 2 things; this by no means is a complete list of behaviors that can be used to determine if he is cheating on you and let's leave an open mind in the matter until you can confirm it. I am here cheering you on!About the Author:

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