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How To Get Pain-free Dental Work

Pain or the fear of pain can play a very important role when it comes to patient decisions about procedures

. Of course, dentists never claim that such concerns are wholly unfounded. In fact, they will be the first to admit that certain procedures can certainly be physically trying for the patients involved. Processes such as deep extractions, for example, can certainly be pain-inducing without the proper anesthetics. While some procedures might not be so bad in and of themselves, the length of time involved in completing them can put a physical strain on a patients mouth.

For this reason, dentists always try to offer their patients the safest and most effective form of pain relief so that they can work on their mouths without putting them through unnecessary discomfort. One method used is nitrous oxide, which works to reduce patient Theres no question that even the most minimally-invasive dental procedures can result in a degree of physical discomfort. From stretching your mouth into awkward positions to biting down for extended periods of time, the most basic dental treatments can sometimes result in a dull but noticeable degree of achiness. Of course, when it comes to the more complex dental procedures, it might seem like pain is pretty much inevitable. In fact, one major reason that people tend to put off or avoid such treatments altogether is the fear of experiencing an extended onslaught of agony.

pain thresholds so that they arent as susceptible to physical discomfort. The wonderful thing about nitrous oxide is that it puts patients in a more relaxed state. The less fearful a patient is, the less physically uncomfortable hes bound to be, making nitrous oxide a good solution in most cases requiring pain minimization tactics.

One of the problems with dental treatments is that the administration of pain-relieving drugs often hurts more than the procedure itself. As part of a commitment to using technology to improve the comfort of patients, some dentists use a local anesthetic system called the Wand, which is far gentler than standard injections. The Wand is a computer-controlled system that injects local anesthetics through a small needle. The reason that most injections tend to hurt is that dentists empty the syringe too fast. The Wand, however, prevents this from happening. The invention of the Wand is something that is truly wonderful. After all, patients shouldnt have to experience pain as part of the process of receiving pain-blocking medicine.

While the idea of putting yourself through a seemingly-painful dental procedure might be enough to send you running the other way, it is important to realize that a good dentist can get the job done while causing you little to no discomfort. Another thing to realize is that when it comes to pain, it never hurts to think positively. If you tell yourself over and over again that your upcoming procedure is not going to be so bad, then chances are, it wont be. But if you keep harping on how painful its going to be, then youre only helping to set yourself up for a highly unpleasant experience. Remember, that saying "mind over matter" applies to many different aspects of life, dental work included.

The information in the article is not intended to substitute for the medical expertise and advice of your healthcare provider. We encourage you to discuss any decisions about treatment or care with an appropriate healthcare provider.

by: Jack Elder
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