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Curing Bad Breath So You Can Get Beyond That First Job Interview

Have you been on enough first job interviews to believe that you'll never get

called for a second one because of your problem breath? Read on and you'll discover the quickest way to curing bad breath so you can go beyond that first job interview.

Think back to your last job interview when the interviewer kept starring at you with a slight grimace on his face. You thought for a moment and then remembered it must be your problem breath. To make matters just a little worse your really liked the job description and you needed the job. But you never got called back for another interview. How did that make you feel?

Your obviously intelligent to know that spending the big bucks on so called over the counter remedies and treatments are a complete waste of time. Most of these remedies mask problem breath and some even add to the problem.

So what is the quickest way to curing problem breath in order to get beyond your first job interview?

The quickest way is to use homemade remedies because they work effectively and are inexpensive. In fact you may already have some of the ingredients in your home. Here's just one example. Mix some baking soda with warm water and gargle at least twice a day. The baking soda cleans off the tongue where much of the bacteria lie.

The fact is, there are a multitude of homemade remedies that you can use to neutralize volatile sulfuric compounds, the source of your breath issues.

Use these homemade remedies in conjunction with a good oral hygiene program and you'll increase the chances of a second and even a third job interview considerably.

by: Dave KayeAbout the Author:I know how you might be feeling. I've been there myself. You're sick and tired of your problem breath getting in the way of your your personal, social, job or career goals. Space prohibits an explanation of all the information that you need for curing bad breath. However, there is good news. To get clean and healthy breath for life go to for complete details. guest:  register | login | search     IP( Pernambuco / Sao Lourenco da Mata Processed in 0.034983 second(s), 6 queries , Gzip enabled debug code: 14 , 2114, 964,
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