Why Would You Want To Travel In Copenhagen?

Why Would You Want To Travel In Copenhagen?At the center of the Scandinavian region lies the small capital city of Copenhagen, one of the most easily travelled capitals in Europe because of its size. Slotsholmen, the district at the heart of Copenhagen can be encompassed by just a thirty-minute walk from one of its sides to the other. Located opposite Slotsholmen Kanal is the district of Indre By, which can be considered the commercial place of the city for its bars, cafes, restaurants, churches, shops, and museums. Opposite Indre By district is Christianshavn Island, the art district. Other districts in Copenhagen will just take you a few hours to tour.
Copenhagen is often evaluated to be too crowded for tourists, especially during holidays or special occasions. However, one thing critics can never take away from Denmark's capital is the elegance and uniqueness of its museums, which are the city's main tourist attraction. If you travel in Copenhagen you should not miss some of its famous museums: the Barbie Doll Museum, Museum Erotica, Bakkehus Museum, the National Museum, the Museum of Copenhagen, the Worker's Museum, and the Museum of Modern Glass Art, to name a few. These museums showcase their own treasures and collections which is a source of pride for Danish people.
Those who are inclined to history may want to visit the outskirts of town where Kronborg and Frederiksborg castles lie. Kronborg was the actual castle that became inspiration for Elsinore Castle, the setting in Shakespeare's Hamlet. Other historical attractions are located northeast of Indre By, such as the gardens of Kongen, the greenhouses of Botanisk, Rosenburg palace, Marmorkirke church, the Kastellet fort, and the Amalienborg palace.
If you are said to be a nocturnal person, you will have a great time if you travel in Copenhagen. Great places for shopping can be in Stroget, a pedestrian mall connecting four city streets, or in Fields, Scandinavia's largest shopping mall. Dining and drinking are also popular in Copenhagen's streets at night. Bars, restaurants and cafes are usually filled with either tourists or common folks, drinking or eating the night away. There are also cocktail bars for those people who like to party. These are located in four areas in the city: Indre By, Vesterbro, Tivoli, and Nerrebro.
Being far north, Copenhagen's temperature may go below zero as long as weeks, so tourists are encouraged to visit the city between May and October because the temperature would be warmer. However, if you insist to travel in Copenhagen during winter, you should have a valid reason, like skiing, or spending Christmas. In winter season, days could be very short and nights would be darker. However, Christmas in Denmark can be a lot of fun because of many sparkling Christmas lights and plenty of drinking to pass time.Why Would You Want To Travel In Copenhagen?
If you have your own car then driving around the city would not be any problem, but if you are only planning to rent, you should do this way ahead of your travel in Copenhagen. An amazing 600,000 passengers arrive at the Copenhagen Airport every day. You do not want to mess with those people just to rent a car, so book a car ahead of time.
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