» Boat Insurance » Bursting At The Seams With Water - Lake Powell Expansion Allows Boaters Access To More Back Canyons

Bursting At The Seams With Water - Lake Powell Expansion Allows Boaters Access To More Back Canyons

Bursting At The Seams With Water - Lake Powell Expansion Allows Boaters Access To More Back Canyons

When Utah's melting snow packs cause the boundaries of Lake Powell to expand

, horizons expand exponentially for camping and boating vacationers. What are dry canyons during low water years can be transformed into sparkling water-filled areas that send enthusiasts flocking to Lake Powell boat rentals. Some families opt for fully-equipped houseboats and set out to find a relatively unoccupied area of the lake for the duration of their vacation, while others favor kayaking excursions. Still others opt for the highly exhilarating diversions of jet skiing and water skiing. Lake Powell jet ski rental businesses have vehicles available, but advance reservations are highly recommended. Of course, also known for great fishing, we can't overlook the increased opportunities to find remote fishing spots that don't exist in other years.

One of the more popular canyons that is accessible only when the water is high is Dark Canyon. It features a large wilderness area that is also inaccessible by road so the capability of getting there is a rare treat for many who know about it. Power boating there can be tricky due to an excess of floating driftwood, but kayaking is a truly enjoyable way to explore both Dark Canyon and some of the narrower canyons such as Cathedral, Cascade, Wetherill and Face Canyons. Boaters can cruise for miles through these canyons during high water conditions.

Many of the occasionally flooded slot canyons are so remote, they are out of sight and sound of humanity, providing those who crave isolation the opportunity to be completely alone with nature, day and night. However, this also means that boaters and campers should be adequately prepared with with plenty of provisions, especially water and other fluids, to last a period of time. And of course, it is essential to monitor the lake level if camping close to shore. A pleasant camp site one day can literally be under water the next with water levels rising as fast as a foot a day and more.

Those using power boats are advised to carry extra fuel, since running out of gas is the most common problem. Another potential problem to be aware of is recently submerged rocks and even trees. Once an extended camping vacation comes to an end, visitors may find navigation a little more challenging as well known landmarks can disappear during high water conditions. Detailed maps and even satellite phones are also a wise idea, just in case of unanticipated difficulties.
Bursting At The Seams With Water - Lake Powell Expansion Allows Boaters Access To More Back Canyons

Rising and falling water levels in Lake Powell are the norm. It is not abnormal for the lake to rise twenty feet during the summer months and drop as the summer progresses. Drought years will see the water level drop more, and visa-versa during wet winters. However, the lake is so large that even when the lake is low, it is still big enough to accommodate all those looking for water recreation.

Even when snow runoff is at its lowest, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, of which Lake Powell is the greatest part, boasts a shoreline longer than the whole western coast of the United States. As the second largest reservoir in the country, it has long been renowned for its spectacular views, sandy beaches, water skiing and fishing. In years when the snowpack is heavier than usual, as it is this year, the lake can rise as much as a foot a day so the area for water adventure more than doubles. Before taking to the water, it's best to rely on a reputable boat rental company at Lake Powell to make sure to get all the latest news about access, safeguards while boating, and adequate supplies to carry you through the trip.

by: Stephen Daniels

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