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Asset Management Is An Effective Way To Boost Your Financial Investment

Due diligence

The concept of due diligence is to investigate a business or person prior to signing a contract. It can be legal obligations, but the term more frequently apply to voluntary investigations. In renowned industries Due diligence is the process through which a potential acquirer evaluates a target company or its assets for acquisition.

In business transactions and corporate finance Due diligence is the scrutiny of a potential target for acquisition, privatization or similar corporate finance transaction generally by a buyer.

The scrutiny being fulfilled by asking certain key questions, including, do we buy, how do we structure the acquisitions and how much do we pay?

The due diligence process can be established into nine distinctive areas

(1)Compatibility audit.

(2)Financial audit.

(3)Macro-environment audit.

(4)Legal/environmental audit.

(5)Marketing audit.

(6)Production audit.

(7)Management audit.

(8)Information system audit.

(9)Reconciliation audit.

But whatever we do in due diligence the process

Must be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time -bound.)

In any business transaction, the due diligence process varies for different types of companies. The relevant areas of concern may include the Financial, Legal, Labor ,Tax, It, Environment, Intellectual Property, Real and Personal Property, Insurance and Liability Coverage, Debt Instrument Review, Employee Benefits ,Labor Matters, Immigration and International Transactions.

Asset management

Asset management-generally defined a system whereby things that are of value to equity or group are monitored and maintained. The assets can divide in two categories. One is tangible and the other intangible concepts such as intellectual property and good will.

Assets management is a systematic process of operating, maintaining, and upgrading assets cost effectively. To provide best possible service to users the asset management process is built up the systems of facilities which are always monitored and maintained.

Civilization has given us some technological assets to

Support key functions like transport, public health, business and commerce. We cannot ignore the link between the provision and sophistication of technological assets and our modern life style.

Enterprise asset management is the business process and enabling information system that support management of an organizations assets, both physical (such as building, equipment, infrastructure etc.) and non physical.

Physical asset management is the practice of managing the whole life cycle such as design,Construction,Commissioning,Operting,Maintaining,Replacing,Decommissioning and disposal and infrastructure assets such as Structures Production and service plant, Power, Water and Waste treatment facilities, Distribution networks, CDM Coordinator, Transport systems building and other physical assets.

Fixed assets management is also an accounting process that seeks to track fixed assets for the purposes of financial accounting.

It service management is also an assets management that

Join financial, contractual and inventory function to support life cycle management and strategic decision making for the IT environment.

PFI Private finance initiative is a ultimately a form of project finance. It is a way of creating Public private partnership (PPPs) by funding public infrastructure projects with private capital. PFI projects represent good Value for tax payers money. PFI has now largely broken down and we are in the ludicrous situation where the government has to provide the funds for the private finance initiative. The high cost of PFI deals is a major issue, particularly in this time of economic hardship. There are arguments for renegotiation PFI deals in the face of reduced public sector budgets.

PFI deals are very much more likely to be delivered on time and on budget a study showed that the only deals.

In its sample which was over budget were those where the public sector changed their minds after deciding what they wanted and from whom they wanted to buy it.

Numerous PFI projects delivered clear benefits. Running cost are lower too, mainly because staff are paid a quarter.

Less than in the public sector (though senior managers are paid more) and get fewer benefits.

PFI projects allowed the Ministry of Defense to gain many useful resources. PFI deals were signed for barracks, headquarters buildings, training for pilots and sailors, and an aerial refueling service, amongst other things.

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